What is 365 to Vision?

What is 365 to Vision?

Every year businesses and individuals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on possible solutions to complete tasks quicker and more efficiently.

For businesses, this may mean allocating 150K on software to speed up processes or hiring extra staff to absorb tasks that others simply “don’t have time” to complete.

For individuals, this may mean spending hundreds on online courses or conferences on everything from losing weight to enhancing relationships to improving their writing.

In most of these situations, the true cause of failure never surfaces. After working with hundreds of people from both sides of the employee and employer, one issue has constantly surfaced: sloppy time management and unoptimized productivity.

This led to an ongoing solution-driven study of optimizing productivity and time that began two decades ago as a UPS driver/freelance writer and continues today as a CEO/Founder of ContentMender, an SEO-driven content marketing agency with a focus on written content that helps refine and exploit a company’s unique selling positions.

All my work, experience, and studies have culminated in the development of the “365 to Vision” lifestyle. This lifestyle will now be exploited through a series of “365 to Vision” books. The first, 365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Writing in Less Time), focuses on helping writers.

The ultimate end goal of these books is to help you complete more qualitative tasks in less time and with less stress. I spent years simplifying the messages so that they are easy to digest and use for the masses.

When time and productivity are optimized, people get back more personal time for doing the things they love, such as hobbies or more time spent with family and friends.

Basically, do more in less time, and have more time to screw around. The 365 to Vision series of books is dedicated to helping you do exactly that.

This thinking has helped me establish some productivity hacks that work. The 365 to Vision model is built upon five tiers (for simplicity, I’ll outline this into a vision that’s a year away):

  • Vision (One Year From Now)
  • 4 Quarterly Alignments
  • 12 Monthly Goals
  • 52 Weekly Tactics
  • 365 Daily Tasks

The concept is to optimize day-to-day time so you can easily reach longer-term goals and visions as near as six months or as far as five years – or longer if desired. Because the strategy has flexibility built-in, it will work for everyone’s unique lifestyles.

The 365 to Vision concept is built upon the inverted pyramid structure of journalism where the top fact (the wide portion of the triangle) is most important, and everything below supports that.

This time and productivity optimization are only possible by creating daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines that turn into habits and rituals. These will help increase focus and productivity in both personal and work life and help majorly reduce stress.

For success, you need daily tasks that achieve weekly tactics, which help you achieve monthly goals. And all of these goals feed into the long-term vision – whether that’s writing a book, designing a 10-year business plan, or embarking on a year-long program to lose 50 pounds.

And the secret to true success with this thinking is that you frequently and consistently check the alignment of these goals and realign if necessary to achieve the long-term vision. Keep things flexible, and don’t stress.