About Author/Founder of 365 to Vison Ron Lieback

Ron Lieback is the founder of 365 to Vision, a lifestyle brand that helps people produce more quality work in less time, and author of the 365 to Vision series of books.

He is also the Founder/CEO of ContentMender, an SEO-driven content marketing agency that focuses on brand storytelling with a sharp focus on written content, and Editor/SEO of Ultimate Motorcycling.

Lieback’s success as an entrepreneur and writer is highlighted by his consistent effort to help writers and clients get more quality work completed in less time – and with the least amount of stress possible.

His resume is not so typical. It begins with work as a UPS driver back around the turn of the century.

Though the demands of that job are overwhelming for most, Lieback created many tactics that allowed him to optimize whatever time he had available, including becoming super focused during break times and completing freelance writing assignments and business plans from the front seat of a big brown truck.

He worked 40+ hours while finishing English and Journalism degrees, and began working within editorial and marketing departments. He always held the equivalent of two full-time jobs because he had never stopped freelancing and ghostwriting for others.

To date, he has ghostwritten over 500 articles for CEOs across various industries from technology to digital marketing and, his favorite, self-development. During his 20s he also found time to dedicate some time to playing music with various bands.

But things changed while heading up business development/client services/content marketing for a successful digital marketing agency for two years. After observing disgruntled clients and staff that wasted endless hours, Lieback got to serious work in early 2017 and launched ContentMender. This was after he was told by numerous people that he wasn’t ready, and even one opportunity to become CEO of an agency.

Lieback went to work to create a base model of content marketing that would work for any type of businesses, from small to multi-million corporations. He created a new business model that relied on multiple freelance content creators that were experts in their industries and matched them to the client. This provided profitability since day one, though many challenges were ahead.

The biggest challenge didn’t come from the business, but rather his wife’s Pam who decided months after the launch of ContentMender to undergo a double mastectomy due to finding a BRCA-1 gene.

The process helped Lieback further build upon his time management principles, allowing him to keep things together while running two businesses and taking care of a household/toddler as his wife recovered. His time management principles were constantly refined, forcing him to optimize time in an almost militaristic sense to keep stress down and happiness flowing.

Lieback’s lifelong passion for optimizing time continued to evolve, resulting in the 365 to Vision lifestyle, which targets a wide demographic, from the everyday secretary to floor laborer to CEOs and Presidents – and of course, writers.

This lifestyle is the culmination of everything Lieback had to control while building his success stories, and is the first in a long list of other self-development books, including one on finding and abolishing one’s own weaknesses, and another on mandatory downtime for success.

In addition to running ContentMender and the online side of Ultimate Motorcycling, a publication where he has contributed thousands of blogs, he is a regular contributor to top business publications like Forbes, and is a VIP Contributor to a leading digital marketing news blog, Search Engine Journal.

At 40-years old, Ron lives in Mountain Top, Pa., with his wife Pam, son Enzo, and dog Bostrom.