365 to Vision: Modern Writer's Guide
Writing Tips and Productivity Hacks

Learn how to manage your writing time wisely and earn more. Live a 365 to Vision writer’s lifestyle.

Do you struggle with:

  • Producing crappy writing?
  • Not showing and just telling?
  • That false notion of “writer’s block”?
  • Missing deadlines?
  • Finding true success?
  • Missing out on “me” or family time?

365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Writing in Less Time) provides the guidance that writers need to overcome those struggles.

Many think exception writing is the natural outcome of finding your muse, getting over writer’s block, and having the right combination of luck and timing. 

But most of that thinking is BS. 

Writing well is the byproduct of writing often and committing to your practice day after day, week after week, 365 days a year. 

Moreover, writing for modern audiences requires a deep understanding of the needs of readers, search engines, and publishers alike. 

This book guides the modern writer through the development of habits and routines that power exceptional writing. It delivers the foundational knowledge of productivity habits, SEO, journalism, editing, and content promotion that writers need to succeed in competitive markets, whether under their own byline or writing for clients. 

By adopting the principles in this book, you’ll learn to write better, faster, and more often, enhancing both your enjoyment of the writing process and the value of your work – no luck required. 

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A Welcome Note by Author Ron Lieback

I founded the 365 to Vision lifestyle for one reason – to produce more quality work in less time. This gives me more time to screw around in life, enjoying the things that keep life entertaining such as motorcycling at triple-digit speeds, or writing music. 

This lifestyle led to a few drafts, including my debut book: 365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Writing in Less Time)

For ultimate success in having more time to screw around, writers need to learn how to master time management and productivity. 

The problem? Most writers don’t use optimal productivity strategies and wasting time. This causes stress, fewer earnings, and less time, again, to screw around. The direct outcome is usually a miserable and negative attitude.

Enter the 365 to Vision lifestyle – one that doesn’t put up with unproductive living or writing habits. 

Life is limited, and there’s zero reason or excuses to have time to do more of what you truly love. You only have 1440 minutes in a day – make sure every single one counts.

I once struggled with productivity as a writer. After a nervous breakdown in my late 20s, I refocused on managing time wisely and spent the past decade learning how to get the most out of every moment both behind the screen and away.  

The productivity habits I learned spread into other portions of my life, and have allowed me to achieve accomplishments I never thought possible. Some include:

  • Daily overseeing of ContentMender, the SEO-driven content marketing agency I founded in 2017, and where I continue to create all content strategies.
  • Editor and SEO roles at Ultimate Motorcycling, a leading publication that has over a million readers monthly.
  • Writing the remainder of the 365 to Vision series of books – five additional ones planned with focuses on time management, marketing, and publishing.
  • Writing articles monthly for a few well-known business and digital marketing publications
  • Consulting on time management and productivity strategies for individuals and businesses. 

And the best part? I’m done every evening by 6 p.m. unless traveling on business, and barely work on the weekends.

I believe everyone can live the lifestyle they want, including writers. With the principles discuss in 365 to Vision: Modern Writer’s Guide (How to Produce More Quality Writing in Less Time), you can clear through all the BS and produce more quality writing in less time. 

The outcome is less stress and happier life – two things that no one should deny themselves.

Need additional writing guidance besides the what’s in the book? Contact me today – I offer consulting services for individual writers or an entire staff of writers.